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TCM Acupuncture
& Medical Acupuncture

TCM stands for 'Traditional Chinese Medicine' and TCM Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic intervention that dates back thousands of years. This type of acupuncture aims to restore the flow and balance of energy in the human body and mind, and is very effective at treating a wide range of conditions. Alexander obtained a degree in TCM Acupuncture in 2005 at Salford University and is a member of both The British Acupuncture Council and the Acupuncture Society. Alexander regularly gets excellent results treating the following conditions with TCM acupuncture.




Emotional Stuckness

Headaches / Migraine

Neurological pain such as trigeminal neuralgia

Herniated discs & sciatica

IBS & digestive issues

Insomnia & poor sleep

Medical Acupuncture is a western simplified adaptation of acupuncture which focus' mainly on the treatment musculo-skeletal conditions. Alexander has taught hundreds of therapists these skills and also gets great results in clinic treating the following conditions.

Myofascial trigger points

Tight muscles


Hip pain

Back, neck and shoulder pain


Single session £90

5 session package £375

10 session package £600

1 session per month £65 p/m 12 month direct debit

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